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  • 1 x Meshtastic Mesh Device Nano G1 Explorer
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The Core Advantage of Nano Series

The Nano series’ Lora antenna offers superior performance in various environments, including near the human body, due to its special design that minimize signal degradation and maintain efficient communication. In contrast, most other antennas currently available experience significant performance degradation when placed near the human body, as evidenced by a marked shift in resonant frequency and a substantial increase in VSWR, making them less suitable for wearable wireless devices. More Technical Information

Meshtastic Frequency Bands Supported by Nano G1 Explorer

US (902.0Mhz to 928.0Mhz), EU_868 (869.4Mhz to 869.65Mhz), JP (920.8Mhz to 927.8Mhz), ANZ (915.0Mhz to 928.0Mhz), RU (868.7Mhz to 869.2Mhz), KR (920.0Mhz to 923.0Mhz), TW (920.0Mhz to 925.0Mhz), IN (865.0Mhz to 867.0Mhz), NZ_865 (864.0Mhz to 868.0Mhz), TH (920.0Mhz to 925.0Mhz), UA_868 (868.0Mhz to 868.6Mhz).

About Meshtastic:

Meshtastic Youtube Channel:


The Nano Series devices are engineered to be a portable and durable solution for outdoor adventures such as hiking, piloting, skiing and more. They are designed to strike a balance between RF performance, size, ruggedness, and power efficiency, providing users with a reliable solution in various outdoor environments.

Nano G1 Explorer

The Meshtastic Mesh Device Nano G1 Explorer represents a significant upgrade to the Nano G1, incorporating the latest RF technologies from B&Q Consulting. The Nano G1 Explorer features a new internal wideband Lora antenna, which supports frequencies from 815 Mhz to 940 Mhz. The wideband antenna, combined with an optimized wideband Lora RF frontend circuit, enables the Nano G1 Explorer to work with the majority of regions’ LoRa frequency bands around the world without the need for antenna changes. The design of the device also takes into account the potential effect of the human body on its antenna performance, ensuring optimal RF performance even when carried in a pocket.

The upgrades are summarized below

RF Upgrades [ More Technical Details ]

  1. Nano G1 Explorer features a new internal wideband Lora antenna with supports for frequencies from 815 Mhz to 940 Mhz. The optimized wideband Lora RF frontend circuit provides the ability to cover majority of regions in the world without changing the antenna.
  2. The device has a new internal GPS antenna that significantly reduces GPS lock time compared to the Nano G1.
  3. Lora transceiver has been upgraded from SX1276 to SX1262, resulting in an increase in the maximum TX power from 20 dBm to 22 dBm.
  4. SX1262 circuit includes a TCXO (+-1.5 ppm) for improved frequency accuracy.
  5. GPS module can be set to a low-power mode with the GPS physical switch.

Other Upgrades [ More Technical Details ]

  1. Enhanced message notification circuit with the option of LED or Buzzer, configurable through a physical switch.
  2. Physical power switch for easy turn on/off of the system.
  3. Replaceable OLED screen with a FPC connector.
  4. Internal Li-Polymer Battery Charger , an optional 3.7V 603450 JST 1.25mm Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery could be installed (Battery is NOT Included) [ Battery Information ].
  5. Buck-boost converter, could provide stable 3.3V to the system even the Li-Polymer battery voltage drops as low as 2.5V. Supply voltage stability is very important to ensure that the performance of RF circuits meets design expectations.

Typical RF Performance

Item Description
Lora Operation Frequency 815 Mhz to 940 Mhz
Lora Max RF Output Power 22 dBm
VSWR of Lora PCB Antenna < =1.5 @ 915 MHz and 868Mhz
Gain of Lora PCB Antenna 2.0 dBi, Omni-directional
Impedance Bandwidth of Lora PCB Antenna 815 Mhz to 940 Mhz for VSWR < = 2
Polarization of Lora PCB Antenna Linear
Positioning And Navigation Module Build-in GPS Module, LNA and Omni-directional Antenna. GPS and BDS are supported
VSWR of GPS PCB Antenna < =2 @ 1575.42 MHz, GPS L1 Band
Impedance Bandwidth of GPS PCB Antenna 1474 Mhz to 1590 Mhz for VSWR <= 2

Electrical Characteristics

Item Description Note
MAX Charging Current 485 mA
Typical Charging Time 3 Hours From 0% to 100%, 3.7V 1200mAh 603450 JST 1.25 Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
Typical Battery Life 16 Hours 1200mAh Li-Polymer Battery, Two Nodes in Network, Channel Options: Long Rang Fast, GPS set to sleep

The Latest Firmware

Meshtastic Mesh Device Nano G1 Explorer had been supported by the official meshtastic repository on Github from firmware version Thus, the latest firmware could be downloaded from the meshtastic project’s releases page:

Firmware file: firmware-nano-g1-explorer-2.x.x.bin

The Fimware may also be updated by using Meshtastic GUI Installer. Meshtastic GUI Installer is a cross platform, easy to use GUI for installing Meshtastic firmware.

Mechanical Design

Nano G1 Explorer mechanical design

APP Screenshots

meshtastic mesh device station edition g1 APP

Additional Information

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