Meshtastic Mesh Device Station Edition G1


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  • 1 x Meshtastic Mesh Device Station Edition G1
  • 1 x Lora Antenna
Shipping To: United States (US), Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates
Ships From: Shenzhen, China

Design for fixed-location base stations and vehicle-mounted base stations.

About Meshtastic:

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Key Features

  • Credit Card Size Design with Excellent Mechanical Strength – 10cm*5.8cm*2.1cm, ~80g  [Info For Geeks]
  • 35 dBm Lora RF Max Output Power with rugged SMA Antenna Socket which Ensures the Excellent Coverage [Info For Geeks]
  • Powered by USB TypeC (PD Protocol with minimum 9V2A is required, 15V2A is recommended due to the requirements of 12V Battery Docker)
  • Wide Input Voltage Range (8VDC-20VDC)
  • Optional GPS Module and IO Extension Socket [Info For Geeks]
  • Optional 12V Battery Docker which can be used as Backup Power, or in scenarios that require mobility [Info For Geeks]
  • Meshtastic Firmware Preinstalled – Current Firmware Version 2.0.0 [Info For Geeks]

Typical RF Performance

Item Description
Lora Operation Frequency US915MHz and EU868MHz
Lora RF Max Output Power 35 dBm @ US915MHz (Station Edition G1)
Lora Power Amplifier Gain 21.5dB @ US915MHz (Station Edition G1)
Lora Power Amplifier P1dB Point 34.5 dBm @ US915MHz (Station Edition G1)
Lora Power Amplifier Noise Figure 0.96dB @ US915MHz (Station Edition G1)
VSWR of Lora Stock Antenna < =2 @ 915 MHz
Note: The Lora RF Output Power preset to 29.5dBm as default for operation with license-free ISM band. [Info For Geeks]

Mechanical Design

meshtastic mesh device station edition mechanical design

APP Screenshots

meshtastic mesh device station edition g1 APP

Edition Comparisons

Editions Nano G1 Explorer Station G1
Current Hardware Version 22 Jan 2023 28 Jul 2022
Lora RF Max Output Power Up to 22 dBm Up to 35 dBm
Lora Operation Frequency Wideband from 815 Mhz to 940 Mhz US915MHz / EU868MHz
Bluetooth v4.2 v4.2
Satellite Navigation GPS, BDS Optional
USB Connector Type C Type C (PD Protocol)
Screen 1.3 Inch OLED Screen 1.3 Inch OLED Screen
Battery Optional 3.7V 603450 JST 1.25mm Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery Optional 12V Battery Docker
Power Input Socket USB Type C, JST 1.25mm Connector for Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery USB Type C, 1*2P Pitch=2.5mm Socket
Antenna Build In Wideband PCB Antenna SMA Socket
Typical Scenarios Hiking, Pilot, Skiing, Work with the majority of regions’ LoRa frequency bands around the world without the need for Antenna changes Fixed-Location Base Stations and Vehicle-Mounted Base Stations

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